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Channel Point’s background is founded deep in enterprise mobility & device deployments. From Apple to Android and Windows, we are ready to help your organization identify needs, craft a strategy, procure devices, and create the perfect solution for your unique needs. We have amazing partnerships with leading manufacturers, software vendors and integrators across the globe. We can do just about anything our customers require, and love it when we’re faced with a challenge.

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Identifying Needs

The first and most important step in any business relationship is identifying the needs of our clients, and where gaps need to be filled. Working as partners with our clients, we identify a list of needs and areas in need of improvement. All of these factors will help us in creating a strategy for the client.

Crafting a Strategy

Once we can get a grasp of the client’s needs, then our team can work in tandem with clients to develop a strategy to put into place. Understanding the infrastructure that our clients currently utilize, legacy systems, economic aspects and business outlook are all important pieces to developing a strategy. After we develop an initial strategy (which is an always evolving piece of the puzzle) we can move forward on procurement and putting the strategy into effect and acting on the plan.


Our team at Channel Point has experience working with nearly every major vendor in the industry including top brands like: Apple, Samsung, Acer, Google, HP and Microsoft plus many more. The majority of our past experience has been with Apple and we have a great team of folks in the engineering, channel and enterprise groups at Apple that allow us to offer a superior level of service to our clients. Outside of direct relationships with software and hardware vendors, we of course have relationships with all the major distributors in the industry along with partners that specialize in providing Grade-A refurbished products.

Life Cycle Management

Life cycle management is a popular phrase these days with more and more companies thinking about upgrade paths, end of life plans, and asset management when it comes to their technology. In this sometimes confusing, constantly changing and always challenging area of technology Channel Point is well equipped to help our customers develop and execute a life cycle management strategy. 

Rollout Management & Implementation

Our team is here to work with clients through the entire deployment process, from procurement & strategy to actual delivery & implementation. Ensuring the devices are integrated into a clients organization and adds to the overall success of a company. This can include on-site training for employees and engineering support.

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Deployment Services is our bread and butter, and custom configurations are the backbone of our business. Whether it be custom app’s preloaded, media preloaded or full configuration for account and network options. We can do just about anything our clients can think of.

Mobile Device Management

MDM’s are an enterprise’s best friend. They help companies keep track of their growing number of devices, keep them safe, and better understand how users are utilizing their technology in the workplace. We work with leading companies like AirWatch, Casper and Meraki to deliver great solutions to our clients.


When one of our clients want to deploy 500 tablets across the country for their sales team, or put a tablet in every retail store, branding is always something to consider. We offer really cool solutions like engraving, graphic skins, custom cases and unique custom kiosk enclosures. This is another area where we can really do anything our clients can think of.


Based on each clients case use, there is a wide variety of accessories and bundled products that come into play. If a company’s devices will be used in the field they may want to include a protective case, where as a device used in a presentation environment may require specific audio-visual cables to aid in presenting content on a projector or large monitor. We can bundle devices and accessories based on each users preference and drop ship direct to users.

Protection Plans

Investing in your shiny new tech is a big expense, and one of the smartest ways to protect your new tech is with one of our device protection plans. Channel Point has partnered with a leading international underwriter that collects over $4 billion per year in premium and has an A+ rating with the better business bureau. Through this underwriting relationship we offer competitively priced extended service plans to protect our customers tech.

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