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As a company we are committed to protecting our clients identities and keeping their projects confidential. Below we’ve included a few of the projects we’ve developed and summaries of the clients we service.


Promotional iPad Training Program

Fortune 500 company / Conglomerate
Revenue: $3.2 billion (2012) | Assets: $32.94 billion (2012)
Project Overview: Over the past three years we have developed a promotional iPad deployment program, providing the company with iPad’s fully configured and branded with corporate training data. We have to date deployed thousands of iPad’s, with growth continuing each year.

Corporate Sales iPad Deployment

Enterprise Services & Consumer Electronics Company / S&P 400 company
Revenue: $3.8 billion (2012) | Assets: $3.5 billion (2012)
Project Overview: Worked with large enterprise services & consumer electronics company to develop deployment strategy and configure hundreds of iPad’s for individual sales staff across US, drop shipped with welcome letter and specific accessories to each employee.

Hospitality iPad, iPod Touch & Mac Deployments

Private Equity Firm, specifically Hospitality Business
Revenue: $3.6 billion (2012) | AUM: $210 billion (2012)
Project Overview: Worked with hospitality business of large private equity firm to develop strategy to deploy and support Apple products at properties worldwide. Also worked to implement & manage webstore for Apple products for all companies under firms management.

Enterprise iPad Deployment

Large Consumer Goods Company / Fortune 100 company
Revenue: $84.17 billion (2013) | Assets: $139.26 billion (2013)
Project Overview: Worked with large consumer goods company to deploy iPads to sales & marketing staff with data pre-loaded and iPads preconfigured for each employee. Drop shipped iPads with accessories directly to employees across US.

Android & iOS Global Device Deployment

Multinational Telecommunications Company / Fortune 100
Revenue: $128.75 billion (2013) | Assets: $277.78 billion (2013)
Project Overview: We have worked with the second largest cell phone provider in the US to provide backend deployment support for corporate clients globally. Working with three segments of the company we have worked on projects with many of the companies on the Fortune 500 list. We have worked on projects that had both Apple and Android devices, along with sourcing custom accessories for various projects.

Large Educational Deployment & Management Project

Second largest school system in US
Project Cost: $500+ million | Number of Devices: 700,000+
Project Overview: Worked with a number of large companies including Pearson Education, ASUS, Archos, Samsung and Apple to develop program for the LA Unified School District to deploy and manage upwards of 700,000 devices rolled out over the course of 3 years. Worked with cross-functional teams to develop strategy for implementation and bid on the project.

iPad Global Device Deployment

Multinational Telecommunications Company / FTSE 100
Revenue: £43.65 billion (2014) | Assets: £142.69 (2014)
Project Overview: Coordinated with worlds second largest telecommunications company to deploy iPads to corporate customers across the US, configured and drop shipped directly to employees. Worked with S&P 500 companies to deploy Apple products in the US fully configured to corporate specifications.

Resort iOS Device Deployment

Multinational Luxury Resort Company
Revenue: $3.7 billion (2012) | Employees: 37,263 (2013)
Project Overview: We have worked with one of the worlds top luxury resort chain’s to deploy iOS devices, including iPad’s and iPod Touch’s, to locations around the globe. We have coordinated with software vendors to preload applications to assist the staff at these resorts in managing the hotels and ensuring customers have a great experience every visit.